Spotlight: Molu Designs

When you want to say something and really mean it, paint it on a sign.

I am well overdue another Artist Spotlight; funnily they are one of the harder posts to organise and get my mind around but still my favourite. Introducing you to someone’s journey, passion and works is such a personal thing to encapsulate.

I first found one of Soumya’s designs inside my Blogtacular goody bag (in fact I might have somehow ended up with two) and it quickly led to an Instagram follow. Such a little thing but it meant I got to experience Soumya’s journey as a trained architect, graphic designer and sign painter.

I finally decided to get in touch and get a little hands on experience as her seasonal workshops started up again this year. Where as a beginner I got an introduction in to how Soumya comes up with the designs and then the process behind transferring it on to a board. To be honest the first half was spent admiring her amazing space in Cable Studios, Limehouse. It was a labour of love for the mixed creative studio to DIY together but now works as an amazing events space.

After looking at a selection of Soumya’s work you get this string of ideas pop in your head. She has not just a vibrant style but an engaging personality to match, a genuine desire to share her typography passions with others that quietly motivates you to create.

Souyma studied architecture but continued to be fascinated by typography then after her own introduction to sign painting she felt an instant connection. She currently teaches art in school part time and takes larger commissions in either branding, sign painting, model making or a combination of all three .

A key part to her creative process is to be surrounded by an environment that inspires her which includes her own partner an architect himself who shares the group space.

The workshop itself was an intimate group of 8 or so; perfect for the amount of mess we managed to make, and you get a lovely friendly table whilst also benefiting from one on one time with Souyma as she answers any individual questions you might have.

You start with a little introduction to letters and then are shown the templates; designs of Soumya’s which you pick from to create your sign. (This is with the In-a-nutshell short class, but with the longer One day crash-course session you can design your own phrase and font style). Then with the help of some graphite paper you transfer the perfect type on to your pre prepared board.

Choosing your colours is the hardest part; deciding which goes where, how many drop shadows you want, there are a lot of variations to consider. You start with the deepest part of the shadow and work your way up the layers giving yourself as many chances for a clean outer line as possible.

After the first brush stroke it becomes easier, you get more sure of your strokes needing less and less of them to fill the letters. It’s hard work, the concentration needed and the position held for a long period of time means it’s a labour to be admired. However it is also assessable to anyone, needing just a surface to paint, paint and paintbrush as a minimum with all the other items extra’s to create a more professional result.

You can book on to a workshop of your own via Molu Designs online shop.

Hopefully this vibrant rainbow of images gives you an idea of the session and paints a picture (literally ha) of the creative process. This particular visual style is a vibrant combination of Soumya’s Indian roots and travel experiences tied together with the quality of her talent. The exact colour pairings can be very personal to you or the phrase might catch your eye whatever the combination they always seem pleasing and make great interior design addition.

She has considered other mediums like screen printing and paper craft; interested in all forms of mark making Soumya loves a new challenge. She accepts design commissions on a wide variety of typographic projects across signage, vans, and even entire buildings.

Here are a couple of  past projects I admired from her portfolio.

Her new branding helped make a leap in representing her style direction to the client creating a bold, fresh face to Molu Designs.

A current project on show is an installation that explores and marries the craftsmanship of both 3D model-making and lettering techniques, with a gentle nod to the well loved vintage American marqueé signs.

Your so my Type

Installation at DRINK SHOP DO, Kings Cross

On until 30th August 2018


Future plans for Soumya includes maybe a trendy enamel pin, dream of designing her own type face and a growing a team to share in her vision. A lovely creative mind that just needs a canvas to get her excited and over flowing with ideas. I am always amazed by how close to initial design her vision end up, which I imagine makes her a dream to work with.

If you want to know anymore about Molu Designs find her website here.